Content Is The King! Why do you still need great content in 2022?

There is a phrase known and implemented worldwide by marketers in their day to day life: Content is king. What does this phrase imply in the real world and what significance does it hold in marketing? Let’s talk about it in this column today.

If you are reading this article and are familiar with internet as well as use a Windows PC or a Mac for that matter, it is highly unlikely you have never heard of the very popular computer operating system Microsoft Windows. And in case you know about Microsoft Windows, it’s again highly unlikely you have never heard of the man and visionary behind it all, the business magnate, Bill Gates. He is the one who first popularized the use of this term ‘content is king’. This man, in January 1996, first popularized this very term in an essay he published where the title was kept on this phrase. Here he clearly stated that content is where much of the ‘real money’ will be earned on the internet.

Was he wrong about it? Absolutely not. It’s been more than twenty years now and that phrase still holds meaning and still is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

Now let’s ponder on the most important question. Why is content king? And why is it one of the most important aspects of marketing? The answer is: simply because content is the main attracting factor which attracts people towards a certain thing. Still in 2022 this ‘content’ is the most important aspect of marketing as well as any business online as well as offline. Anything which demands attention and interest must absolutely focus on content to stand out from the crowd and become attractive and deserve success and recognition in today’s highly competitive market.

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Still in 2022, it is a widely known fact that content is king and what a vital role it plays in making a content marketing strategy successful. Every successful digital marketing strategy needs to have a clear and proper content to make it successful in the first place and keep it in that position for the times to come.

Every company uses content to increase their success and create lasting relationships with the audience and customers which greatly improves their overall success.

Using proper content planning strategies and some creative thinking, a company can reach beyond limits  and get the audience to react the way they need them to.

Let us look at an example by putting ourselves in the viewers position for a bit. Whenever we are looking at a new brand, what do we immediately look up to while we are searching for it or the products it has got? Let us take the example of Nike, a very popular and famous brand which is famous for it’s quality sneakers. Now suppose I were to buy a new pair of them, what would my first step be? You are absolutely right! I would either check out their official website or head over to their official social media handle to check out what they have in store. And the information which I would see there is what is known as ‘content’. The way something is presented for a large number of audience which not only attracts them for a limited time but also keeps them coming back to the content excited for new and updated stuff is what a ‘good content’ is all about.

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So in order to be successful in marketing and sales, a content MUST become a good content in order to appeal to the masses.

This is why content is still a king in 2022 and content will still be a king in the infinite years to come. Having said that, content improves brand recognition and makes the company a king in itself. So the next time, you are rooting for a digital marketing idea, remember: ‘Content Is King’.